Who We Are

Who We Are

In 1975, the Saudi-Egyptian Industrial Investment (SEII) was established in the Egyptian community. SEII’s objective is to create added value for the Egyptian economy and to become an effective partner in Egypt’s economic development. SEII aims to achieve its objective through investing in the Egyptian industrial sector while upholding the highest professional standards. The company was created according to a set of rules put forth by the signed incorporation agreement between the two brotherly countries. SEII has been granted full legal rights and authority to conduct its business in Egypt while enjoying complete financial and executive independence.

  • The company aims to invest in varied projects within the industrial sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

  • SEII’s issued capital amounts to USD 100 Million distributed over 100,000 shares, at a value of USD 1,000 per share. Shares are distributed equally between the governments of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

  • The company’s paid-in capital currently stands at USD 77 Million, which makes up 77% of the issued capital.

The Company’s Objectives

  • Acquiring a significant interest in industrial projects at start-up and/or expansion stages.
  • Expand and diversify our portfolio while capitalizing on innovative and unique products and services.

Our Mission

  • To support our partners in the Egyptian industrial sector and create an effective partnership with them so that they can become high-performing entities.
  • To diversify our investments in different projects within the industrial sector, to minimize the risk.
  • To apply good corporate governance on all levels to adhere to the best professional practices in the business.
  • To be strongly committed to quality, efficiency, and professionalism.

Our Vision

To become a main player in the development of the Egyptian industrial sector and offer a unique added value to our partners in this sector.

Core Values

SEII’s business and relationships with its partners are governed by a set of values, which also extends to its shareholders and staff. These values match up with the company’s vision and mission. Such values can be summarized as follows:


A commitment to integrity, transparency, and justice in all SEII’s transactions


SEII’s business is conducted with proficiency, determination and a sense of collectiveness.


Forging strong and successful connections with our partners.


Creating a positive impact on our community.